This notice board contains current information about Microprojects applications, available updates, bug reports and want lists. If you find a bug or want a new feature contact Microprojects support.

Equinox Pro v7.2.0 April 2014

Updated iOptron iEQ45/ZEQ25 protocol.
New Canon framework.
Added support for Canon EOS M and T5.
Added full frame and APS-C SV outlines.
Added slew detect script command.
Fixed a star number startup bug.
Removed Equinox Image communication.
Removed the old NexStar 5 and MCU protocols.
Reduced the price!
Time-Lapse v1.12 – May 2014

New Convert function TIFF format.
Font control added to Date/Time/GPS stamp.
Watermark selection saved as a preference.
Added a 0 byte file verification check.
Several minor bug fixes.
Time-Lapse v1.13 – October 2014

Fixed ‘Save As’ overwrite bug.
Fixed a GPS overlay crash bug.
Other minor bug fixes.
Equinox Pro v7.2.1 April 2014

Fixed scope protocol bug.
Equinox Pro v7.2.2 October 2014

Fixed iEQ45 control bug.
Fixed comet display bug.