5 SEO Trends Marketers Need to Follow in 2019!

5 SEO Trends Marketers Need to Follow in 2019!

In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, trends are constant. Thanks to Google algorithms for rolling out new updates and changes as and when required. More often than not, businessmen perceive, Google, the Duke of search engines come up with newer updates to screw their brands’ ranking.

That is certainly not the case. In order to provide users a better experience online, Google surface with frequent changes. This is why marketers need to tap into the latest trends of Digital marketing Toronto game up their brands among the mass.

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If you are new in business or trying hard to regain your brand value online, play along with the trends of SEO. To help you understand the changes in a comprehensive way, here are the major ones you need to look for to rank your business in 2019.

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  • Voice-search is Growing

A couple of years back it was predicted that voice search will take over the marker by almost 50 percent in 2020. Surprisingly, this relatively new technology has surpassed the expectations as currently more than 48% of the queries are made by voice search. So, businesses have no option but to make their websites voice search optimized in the truest form.

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Voice search optimization is similar to traditional Digital marketing Toronto in a few ways but drastically differs in multiple forms. So, you need to implement the ethics and tactics of voice search engine optimization to align the latest updates of search engines.

For instance, curate content that are more conversational and have long-tail keywords. There are more to this. Seeking professional help seems to be the best bet.

  • Amazon is a Wild Card Entry

Supposed to be an ecommerce site, Amazon has entered the digital marketing game and has direct interference in boosting a business. To be precise, Amazon has a profound effect on SEO for the brands which sell products and not services.

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Interestingly, if you take a note at its ubiquity, Amazon can be termed as Google of ecommerce sites. So, if you belong to the same category, it’s time to take some necessary steps to rank in the SERPs of Amazon.

For example, use proper keywords in the product description for improving your searchability and visibility among the target audience. Provide optimized images as a part of rendering a better user experience. Amazon with its A9 algorithm strictly focuses on relevancy and performance. You need to implement several tactics to serve your customer base with ease.